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Youth Experience Doing Outreach in Tenderloin

Tori’yonna (13 years old Intern)

“First we met at Burger King downtown and waited for all the other interns to come. Then we went to Jones and Eddy street spreading the word to everybody about peace and change in stores, the mall, Boys and Girls Club and more. We walked up and downtown Jones Street and then we went to 6th street. If organizations and businesses couldn’t come or vonlunteer to the event we asked can they donate. We had took a break for a couple of mins.

It was after 1:00 and we had walked to Mason St. and we saw the news reporter from NBC. We went over there to talk to him and see what was going on. He told us that a woman got bleach poured on her face and they was still looking for the suspect. After that he wanted to interview Majeid who is the adult the runs the internship program and see how we felt about the situation. When we finally were done we went in the mall and Majeid decided that we can go home or wherever we were going.”