Renaissance                  Parents of Success
  1. Administration
    Fiscal Management Consultant Services
  2. Job Readiness
    Learn how to create a professional resume Learn successful interview techniques Barrier removal services Reduced DMV vouchers for California
  3. Youth Services
    Job readiness and job placement Life skills and leadership workshops 4 Month paid internship (in community based organization)
  4. Youth Services
    School monitoring (behavior, attendance and School performance) Field trips and Community service Monitoring Mentoring
  5. Job Placement
    Job placement assistance Reconnect to educational system to complete high school and/or get GED Referrals to accredited vocational training programs and assistance completing financial aid applications Retention Services
  6. Other Services
    Re-entry/ex-offender Access to free tickets for family events Court, social service, probation/parole advocacy Transportation to vital appointments for clients Limited availability of emergency food Project 20