Renaissance                  Parents of Success
Renaissance Parents of Success Mission Statement

Renaissance Parents of Success (RPOS) programs’ mission is to provide comprehensive services to low-income, at risk populations such as: foster/emancipated foster youth and adults, youth and adults who are involved or have been involved in the criminal justice system and low-income youth/adults who reside in Federally Subsidized Housing Developments.
Our program is designed to help these individuals become self-sufficient.  We provide a safety net for individuals struggling to survive in a high risk community especially during these economically challenged times. 
As a non-profit organization our goal is to provide individually customized programs such as leadership and cultural development, life skills, diversity training, anti-bullying, gang/violence prevention, financial planning, community awareness and education as well as job readiness, job placement, barrier removal, case management, mentoring and supportive wrap around services. 

RPOS provides comprehensive and effective programming to provide participants with the best opportunity to become successful contributing members of society.    Our program is designed not only to provide participants with educational/vocational opportunities, job search and placement, wrap around and retention services but also to educate, strengthen the family and community, reduce violent incidents and negative contacts with law enforcement which generally result in incarceration, eviction and the continued deterioration of the family, particularly African American. 

It is our desire to assist program participants in realizing their full potential with educators and major companies and organizations throughout the San Francisco Area while connecting them to their families and community in a meaningful way. 

Other facts:

Founded in 1984, RPOS has a long history of providing quality services to high risk populations and all of our programs are evidence based.   Each week one workshop is designated to existing and newly identified needs of participants and the community in general.  We then work in collaboration with program participants to modify and develop new strategic plans and activities which are then incorporated into the program design.  We have found that when participants have an active role in the programs design that they are more likely to be fully engaged in all activities.   
  • RPOS staff sits on the Reentry Council Assessments and Connections Subcommittee and engages in Five Key Charter Schools Resource Fairs in San Francisco County Jail.
  • In collaboration with SPOA Security Services, RPOS has been providing programs for reentry and ex-offender populations such as:  security training, advocacy, case management, mentoring and for more than 35 years.   The program has been instrumental in reducing recidivism. 
  • Program staff advocate on behalf of youth and adult participants in school, court, probation/parole and social services by attending meeting and assuring that participants are meeting their obligations.
  • RPOS staff do regular a community walk about to speak directly to residents in “area hot spots” providing them with program information and encouraging them to become involved in positive activities vs. illicit activities which have the potential for violent outcomes, incarceration, eviction, etc.
  • Community Service:  RPOS believes strongly that participants should give something back to the community and youth, adult and ex-offender populations are required to engage in community service activities. 
  • Family involvement:  RPOS involves the entire family and family activities are an integral part of our program.  Staff work with parents to complete GED or High School Diploma programs, seek and secure employment so that they can be a positive role models for their families and community.   Tickets to events are provided to families so that they have an opportunity to spend quality time together outside of the community; thus reinforcing the family.  RPOS also provide holiday meals for participants and their families.   RPOS call families on to talk about behavior at home and work with family members to correct inappropriate behaviors including referring family to counseling, etc.
  • RPOS provides food boxes to families in need so that they do not feel pressured to commit crimes in order to feed themselves and/or their families.  Also, food is always available in our office as not to disrupt counseling, job readiness or other services being provided.
  • RPOS staff assists participants to submit clean slate applications in San Francisco as well as other counties.  In addition, we assist with helping participants complete the California Amnesty drivers license program application; provide community service opportunities so that driver’s licenses can be released.  
  • Assist participants in securing babysitting services so that participants can go to school and/interviews.  Also, if an emergency RPOS staff will watch children so that their parents can attend meetings, court, etc.
  • RPOS provide low-income housing listing for participants.